'Humiliating': Conservative Pundit Says Republicans Just Had 'A Very Bad Day'

"What happened today was truly amazing, even by our standards," Charlie Sykes said of the impeachment hearing.

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes said Republicans completely embarrassed themselves Wednesday as they continued to push their floundering impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

“It is one thing to say that this thing is falling apart, but that actually understates how horrifically bad this is,” the MSNBC columnist said on the network Wednesday. “I mean, this was dumb and dumber. Lev Parnas coming out and just humiliating this committee.”

He was referring to testimony from Parnas, a Ukrainian businessman and former Rudy Giuliani associate, who appeared at Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee impeachment hearing.

Parnas said in his opening statement that the “American people have been lied to” by former President Donald Trump, Giuliani, and other Republican allies in Congress, accusing them of spreading misinformation about the Biden family.

He said there was no evidence Biden was involved in corruption tied to Ukraine, and said the Republican allegations against the president were predicated on Russian disinformation.

“In one day, you encapsulated how absurd this was,” Sykes said. “And then juxtapose it with the actual serious business in front of Congress. We’re a few days away from a shutdown. And yet we have this incredibly inept circus going on.”

He encouraged viewers to watch footage of the testimony, and “watch the way in which the Republican members of this committee were humiliated, how they are flailing here.”

“This was a very bad day, after many, many bad days for this committee,” he added.

House Republicans have been unable to produce evidence substantiating their allegations about the president, and support for the effort has flagged within their own ranks after several setbacks. Lawmakers leading the inquiry have vowed, nonetheless, to push ahead with the investigation and potentially pursue criminal referrals instead of impeachment.

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