Chris Matthews Rips Palin: 'Frightening,' 'Empty Vessel,' 'Nothing Going On Mentally' (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews Rips Palin: 'Frightening,' 'Empty Vessel,' 'Nothing Going On Mentally' (VIDEO)

"Hardball" host Christ Matthews harshly criticized Sarah Palin for her comments that President Obama could increase his re-election chances by bombing Iran. Matthews called this line of thinking "frightening":

She's frightening. Mark, that is frightening stuff. Frightening. First of all, president don't declare war. Anybody knows that in high school. Congress has to declare war. To declare war on Iran, I don't think the most far right, Middle East hawk will talk about declaring war on Iran, a country with 70-some million people, with an advanced air force.... Why does she talk like that? Is Michael Ledeen, a real hawk, writing this stuff for her? I don't know anyone as far right as that, besides him.

Matthews went on to say that Palin "has nothing going on mentally... I'd be afraid of her because I think she's an empty vessel ready to be filled by ideology she doesn't understand. And that is really scary."

TIME's Mark Halperin noted that she's "obviously flailing" during her interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace and that "she's lucky [her answers] are not worse."


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