Christine O'Donnell: Piers Morgan 'Would Not Stop Trying To Talk About Sex' (VIDEO)

During a television appearance on Thursday morning, Delaware Republican Christine O'Donnell spoke out on the heels of abruptly cutting short an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan.

In the one-on-one that aired on Wednesday night, O'Donnell walked out after being asked to discuss her views on gay marriage. Following the interview, Morgan told CNN's Anderson Cooper that the situation that unfolded "was a bit extraordinary."

O'Donnell told Morgan that he was "borderline being a little bit rude" after he asked her to weigh in on marriage equality issue.

"Well first of all I want to set the record straight, it wasn’t the question on gay marriage," explained O'Donnell during an appearance on Washington, D.C.-based station Fox 5. "He had a decidedly inappropriate line of questions leading up to that, that many people -- bloggers, are saying was just border-line creepy."

O'Donnell, who made an unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate last year, alleged, “I was not there to talk about sex -- and he would not stop trying to talk about sex."

Morgan did inquire about O'Donnell's views on sexual abstinence. During the 2010 election season, video footage from years earlier surfaced showing O'Donnell suggesting if she could, she would stop the whole country from having sex.

O'Donnell's new book, Troublemaker: Let's Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again, was released earlier this week. She told Morgan on Wednesday that she only went on his program to discuss the contents of her work. O'Donnell describes her book as "a political memoir slash campaign diary slash position paper slash rallying cry, with an emphasis on the slash."

Below, video of O'Donnell's appearance on CNN.