Conan O'Brien Wears 'Jeggings' to Break in His New Show


By Emili Vesilind, Style Section L.A.

Just when we thought Conan O'Brien's wicked humor may have been neutered by the stiff celebrity showcase that is The Tonight Show, the flame-haired host goes and dons jeggings -- yes, those scary leggings with drawn-on jeans pockets and seams -- for last night's episode of the new Conan show.

Why? Because the night before Tim Gunn had been a guest and convinced him to give them a try. So Coco came out for his monologue in break-away suit pants and ripped them off, shouting, "When I say I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it!"

He then spent the rest of the monologue prancing around foolishly -- much to our delight.

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