Watch This Guy Count To 100,000 For No Reason Whatsoever

But be warned, YouTuber MrBeast took 40 hours to reach the magical number.

If you’ve got 24 hours to spare, you could always entertain yourself by watching this video of YouTuber MrBeast counting up to 100,000.

MrBeast admits he only did it because he was “bored,” and it may sound a tedious prospect ― but it had garnered more than 6.5 million views by Saturday morning.

It could be worse, however, as the American YouTuber says he actually spent a total of 40 hours counting upwards ― and sped certain sections of the final video up because his editing software caps the limit at 24 hours.

YouTube / MrBeast

“This is the most I’ve ever tortured myself,” MrBeast wrote in a caption at the start of the clip, which he posted online Sunday.

While the sheer number of hits that the video is garnering undoubtedly prove it’s a viral smash, it’s probably best you don’t try this at home ― as a lack of sleep can seriously harm your health.

The Huffington Post has reached out to MrBeast for further information, but in the meantime it appears he’s already planning his next mega-hit:

(Disclaimer: HuffPost did not watch the clip in its entirety because, well, we have other serious issues to investigate. Like trick shots and clever donkeys.)

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