Dan Harmon Talks Firing From 'Community,' Being A 'Liability'

Is Dan Harmon finally admitting to a little bad behavior on the "Community" set?

In an interview with G4′s "Attack Of The Show" (above), Harmon opened up about his firing from the NBC comedy.

“I feel like I’m a good person and a professional, a very able leader of men," Harmon said. "I also feel like I’m 25 … Maybe I am just a jerk. To people who work above me I am a liability that isn’t worth the benefit."

As for Season 3 of "Community," Harmon says he fell off the bandwagon. "In the third season you can see me start to go, ‘Never mind, just give me a good review in the Times,’” he revealed.

Harmon may be owning up this mistakes, but that doesn't stop the show's actors from missing him.

"Dan Harmon was so instrumental in everything that went on with the show, and was the cause of most of the relentless innovation," Allison Brie (Annie) told EW. "Hopefully we’ll maintain the essence of what makes this show great."

Gillian Jacobs (Britta) agreed
. "We're all very grateful to him, because he really changed our lives and our careers," she told Vulture. "We have an infinite amount of gratitude towards him and his beautiful writing and his ambition."

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