Dear Bernie: Please Don't Do It

I watched you stroll the White House colonnade beside President Obama last week and was nearly overcome by a sense of impending doom. Cordial back-pats as you moved past the giant media scrum evoked a forced camaraderie at a staged event that in the end was just creepy and sad, as if you were about to be sold a very bad used car.

As the day played out, it became clear the president, Harry Reid and the party were running a game on you: all for a woman so self-important and entitled that for personal convenience she put national security at risk and is under criminal FBI investigation.

I'll guess that like the rest of the Dems and their well sucked-up pundits, Obama wrapped this political swindle in the flag. Hop on the Hillary train or your legacy will be tarnished by the fake orange tint of Donald Trump's tanning oil. Did it work? That's unclear.

After your meeting you made an oblique comment that suggested you and Clinton might "work together to defeat Donald Trump." I'm not sure what this means but I sure hope you decide to step away from the Democratic Party now before it is too late.

If you go in with this lot, you are compromising yourself, your reputation and your lifelong values. Can you imagine having to field questions from reporters about the Clinton scandal du jour? What will you do with a question about the FBI server investigation? Will you now have to defend her speeches to Wall Street?

Will you hide behind the requisite and misleading Clinton campaign talking points, the same kind she used against you? Will you appear on CNN protecting the Clinton Foundation and Secretary Clinton's breathtaking conflicts of interest? No, I didn't think so. So the question is, if you don't support who she is - then how can you support her for the presidency?

After being a target of Dem elites and the moneyed establishment that funds them, you know better than anyone how hypocritical and diseased the Democratic Party is. While you talked policy and avoided mentioning nearly all of the potential Hillary-stopping scandals, Clinton and her hit team smeared and lied about you at every turn.

Let's not forget how New York went down. There was Clinton's false claim that New York City was infested with guns from Vermont, her campaign's ugly collaboration with the tabloid New York Daily News' preposterous assertion that you don't know how to break up the banks - a notion challenged by many experts but never corrected by the mainstream media. They were too busy reading her press secretary, Brian Fallon's, tweets.

Perhaps the lowest of the low was the Daily News' "Sandy Hook Shame" headline: the product of a Clinton campaign trick, over the top, ugly and designed to make it seem you care not for dead children.

There was the Nevada fiasco and Barbara Boxer bleating on national television that she was "afraid for her life" after Sanders delegates loudly but peacefully demanded democracy. Debbie Wasserman Schultz with not a shred of evidence was happy to push the fiction that your supporters were an angry mob throwing chairs at people. All of this was dutifully transcribed and broadcast by the wide-eyed establishment media.

Here is the problem with the Clintons, Democratic elites and you. The things that make the Clintons and their "machine" good at campaigning are they very things that should disqualify them from governance: dishonesty, entitlement and striving for personal enrichment. Authentic public service and honor are not on the menu. Everyone gets rich.

So please think very carefully about the old adage that the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. If you don't, you will enter the last round of your political career enabling the very system you abhor.

You see, they are trying to seduce you with promises that will be for naught once they've used you to take power. It is their nature and they owe their Wall Street backers and DC lobbyists too much to do it any other way. They don't want policy advice from you; they want your supporter's votes.

So if all the Democrats have on offer is the blackmail that Donald Trump is worse than Hillary, the country needs a winning third party and you should be leading it.

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