Dick Cheney Raising Money For Mitt Romney's Campaign

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is hosting a fundraiser for Mitt Romney this summer, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The July 12 event will be held at Cheney's home in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and donors can pay more to have dinner with Romney and Cheney.

The former vice president was viewed negatively in a Gallup poll a year leaving office in 2009. The upcoming event will give fodder to Democrats to tie the two together.

Romney has praised Cheney, saying last September that he wanted to pick a vice president like him. Cheney in April said that Romney should ignore the "talking heads" who say that he should choose "a woman, an Hispanic" for VP, adding that the most important criteria should be whether the person has the capability to be president.

Cheney declared at a recent Wyoming Republican Party state convention that Romney will do a "whale of a job."

They're hoping to raise a whale of cash.

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