Does President Trump Make You Depressed? Try Impeachara

As the political landscape continues to change into a strange and sometimes hostile place, it’s become relatively easy to become demoralized. So far under the Trump government we’ve undergone repressive travel bans, increased discrimination against minorities, and scandal after scandal about Russian interference in American politics.

It’s no secret that Liberals are becoming depressed in Trump’s America. Hell, we reckon after the new healthcare bill that some Republicans have slipped into a depressive state too. It’s not like we can all pack up and head to Mar-A-Lago for the weekend for a round of golf.

So what do we do about Trump depression? Sam Friedlander may have the solution with a cutting edge new medicine, Impeachara, that will help combat the harmful effects of instant news alerts, President Trump’s incompetency, and the death of American democracy.

Those who support the current administration are not recommended to take Impeachara as it may cause emergency bowel movements and negative thoughts.

Don’t wait, elect to be happy at Impeachara’s website.

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