E.W. Jackson Claimed Obama Would Make Schools Start 'Teaching All Children Homosexuality'

E.W. Jackson, Republican candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, claimed during a 2012 interview that President Barack Obama would force schools to start "teaching all children homosexuality."

In an interview with Christian activist Dean Welty uncovered by Right Wing Watch, Jackson criticized Obama for supporting same-sex marriage, claiming the president "shakes his fist at God" and that any self-professed Christian who backs him is "twisting themselves into pretzels to justify" their support for Obama.

"No Christian has any excuse for remaining in a party that has in effect declared war on God," Jackson said.

Jackson continued, "[Obama] will use.. the power of the federal government to force schools to start teaching all children homosexuality."

In another 2012 video surfaced by RWW, Jackson said he wanted to see gay individuals "delivered."

Jackson, a Baptist minister, won the nomination for lieutenant governor in May during the state party's convention. Since then, many of his incendiary remarks on homosexuality, abortion and race have come to light.

Last month, he claimed non-Christians are engaging in a "false religion."

In a June speech, Jackson said social welfare programs implemented by the federal government have done more harm to the African-American community than slavery.

"In 1960, most black children were raised in two-parent, monogamous families. By now, by this time, we have only 20 percent of black children being raised in a two-parent, monogamous families with the married man and woman raising those children," Jackson said. "It wasn’t slavery that did that, it was government that did that. It tried to solve problems that only God can solve and that only we as human beings can solve.”

And in 2012, he compared Planned Parenthood to the Ku Klux Klan, calling on black Christians to reject the Democratic Party's "lies."

"It is time to end the slavish devotion to the Democrat Party," Jackson said in a YouTube video. "They have insulted us, used us and manipulated us. They have saturated the black community with ridiculous lies... They think we are stupid and that these lies will hold us captive while they violate everything we believe as Christians."

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R), who is running for governor alongside Jackson, declined to comment to the Washington Post in May on Jackson's controversial statements.

“I am just not going to defend my running mates’ statements at every turn,” Cuccinelli said. “They’ve got to explain those themselves. Part of this process is just letting Virginia voters get comfortable with us, on an individual basis, personally.”



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