What Fashion Magazines Still Make Us Care About After All These Years (PHOTOS)

PICS: What Fashion Magazines Still Make Us Care About

Every time we get the latest issue of a women's fashion magazine (be it Vogue, Elle or Cosmopolitan), we notice a distinct pattern. Our favorite glossies are constantly preaching the same things -- that we need to look younger, be thinner and try harder. There is a perpetual focus on must-have makeup, the need to buy new things and changing our hair.

Although these themes may seem like new ideas, they have actually been kicking around the magazine world for decades. To prove our theory, we've rounded up a few of the most famous women's fashion magazine over the years to compare the covers.

And maybe we are just fine with our naturally curly hair, smile lines and worn-in jeans. If so, these mags are going to need a completely new strategy.

Magazines are constantly trying to push florals on us every spring. magazineVogue April 1995 vs. Harper's Bazaar May 2012 (UK edition)

Apparently, we are constantly making the same beauty mistakes. magazineGlamour January 1976 vs. Allure September 2012

Magazines are still trying to find ways to make us look younger. What's wrong with aging gracefully? magazineVogue January 1990 vs. Elle February 2012

We can NEVER do enough shopping. There's always a must-have bag or pair of shoes to be bought.fashion magazinesVogue February 1961 vs. Vogue July 2011

The hair that we were born with obviously isn't good enough.fashion magazinesMarie Claire February circa 1930s vs. Marie Claire May 2009

There are new denim designs constantly coming out, but they all look the same to us. Just sayin'...fashion magazinesSeventeen August 1986 vs. Nylon August 2006

We're always getting sold some gimmicky treatment or surgery that will remedy our beauty problems.fashion magazinesVogue August 1970 vs. New Beauty Summer/Fall 2009

Magazine covers that caused a stir:

Vogue, April 2008

Magazine Covers That Got People Talking

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