Fox News' Brian Kilmeade: Obama Says The 'Same Thing' As Trump, Just 'More Eloquently'

The "Fox & Friends" host said former president Barack Obama is fearmongering just like Trump is accused of doing.

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade on Monday said former President Barack Obama is fearmongering just like President Donald Trump has been accused of doing ― only “more eloquently.”

“I mean, President Obama, unbelievable charisma ― the way he can speak. How convincing he delivers it as a public speaker without fear,” Kilmeade said on the morning show, a day before the 2018 midterm elections. “The problem is we watched him for eight years, we’ve seen his policies and we’ve seen his promises and they fall flat.

“He’s saying the same thing as President Trump, only he says it more eloquently. He does talk about fear. He does talk about what will happen if you don’t vote my way. He just does it in a different way.”

Obama, during an appearance in Indiana over the weekend, accused Trump, without saying his name, of lying and fearmongering about the migrant caravan of refugees traveling to the United States from Central America for asylum. He said Trump is using frothy rhetoric about the caravan as a “political stunt.”

“They’re telling us that the single most grave threat to America is a bunch of poor, impoverished, broke, hungry refugees a thousand miles away,” Obama said during a rally for Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.). “Unfortunately sometimes these tactics are scaring people, and making stuff up works.”

Trump has been stoking pre-election, anti-immigrant fear with frequent references to a caravan, calling it an “invasion” and alleging in tweets that includes “very bad thugs and gang members.” He has repeatedly told the migrants to “go back to their country” and has deployed thousands of active-duty Army troops to guard the border. 


Kilmeade, a Trump apologist whose network has faithfully promoted the president’s invasion rhetoric, said Obama’s message is just as dire as Trump’s.

“The message is the same, ‘If you don’t vote my way, the world is going to end,’” Kilmeade said of Obama’s speeches. “Where President Trump says, ‘If you don’t vote my way the world is going to change.’ It’s the same thing. I just don’t understand why President Obama doesn’t get the same scrutiny.”