From Paris with Love! My Message to Mark Zuckerberg

Thank you Mark for creating the safety check button during the Paris attacks. Thanks to you, since last night we were able to reassure people we love and vice versa. Thanks also for creating Facebook, such a great machine, who invented a new word : social network.

For the past hours, it's really shown that Facebook was not just a thing to share silly jokes or a tool for shameless self-promotion, but something that contributes to show that we can be united face to terror. I could say the same thing to @Jack who created ‪#‎Twitter‬, but 140 characters is not enough this time to say what I have to say.

As you know Daech, ISIS, or whatever their name is, they use Facebook to recruit people and to share their propaganda. As you also know, haters in general like to use Facebook to propagate their hate. Hate of women, hate of Black people, hate of Jews, hate of Catholics, hate of Muslims, hate of gay people, etc, etc...

I know you are a great supporter of freedom of speech, we have that in common. What most of these haters do can not be related to that, the bottom line of their speech is a call for mass murder. We lost more than 120 friends, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters yesterday, and more than 250 are wounded.

My point is you should put the same energy you put in fighting the 'nipple', to fight these haters and fanatics. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Facebook fan since you created it in 2004. I have joined it almost straight away.

I know you have the tools, the staff to do that. Yesterday you showed that you were able to spread the love...that's include to not let hate invade the internet.

You have now more than 1 billions users, on-seventh of humanity. Bravo! You have a responsibility now, that usually comes with success. So let's start with that, it will be a lot !

Thanks in advance.

From Paris with love,