Grumpy Cat Apocalypse: Tard The Cat, Parody Accounts Respond To Mayan Apocalypse On Twitter (TWEETS)

Post-Apocalyptic Grumpy Cat Is Grumpier Than Ever

In the wake of the Mayan apocalypse that never was, some Twitter users are celebrating our continued existence on Planet Earth with words of relief and victory.

But not everyone is quite so pleased that we all survived.

On Friday, the world's favorite peevish feline, Grumpy Cat (aka Tard or Tardar Sauce), took to the microblogging site to express her supreme disappointment at the lack of mayhem to her 22,300+ followers.

Parody accounts of the cat-turned-supermeme echoed the petulant puss' sentiments in tweets of their own:

The worst part about surviving the apocalypse is that everyone else survived too.

— Grumpy Cat (@VeryGrumpyCat) December 21, 2012

This is the most boring apocalypse ever.

— Grumpy Cat (@ExtraGrumpyCat) December 21, 2012

Obviously not one for lollipops and rainbows, Grumpy Cat is clearly still in a foul mood despite having had a very successful month.

As an earlier Huffington Post report notes, the crotchety kitty was named the "most influential" and the "most important" cat of the year by MSN and Buzzfeed respectively.

She's also been dubbed the best animal meme of 2012 by

So, c'mon Tard, give us a smile?

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