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How Street Art Is Made From Start To Finish, While You Were Sleeping (VIDEO)

Much of the appeal behind finding, viewing, and even making street art comes with the rush of doing something that's not necessarily legal while its pitch black dark outside and everyone you know is resting soundly in bed. The few (read: the brave) who ventured into New York's subway system to find the Undercity project did so because there's a challenge in seeing it and finding it in a way thats not true with attending a gallery opening or visiting a museums vast halls.

You've seen Exit Through The Gift Shop, protested MOCA's whitewashing of Blu's street art mural, and taken cell phone pictures of Alex Monopoly's bi-coastal Monopoly men. Now, an Ironlak film (or 3 1/2 minute Youtube video) takes us from start to finish in the process of making an enormous mural that runs along train tracks in Oakland, CA.

(From: MWM Graphics)