How To Move To Ireland If Donald Trump Becomes President

This Irish island wants you to at least consider it. 🍀
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Long before Donald Trump came onto the political scene, we’d always thought Ireland would be a snazzy place to live. And now that Trump is officially the GOP nominee, we’re finding even more reason to skip town for the Emerald Isle.

We’d likely be more than welcome there: After the tiny Irish island of Inishturk gained popularity as a potential place for Americans to escape Trump, many locals were quick to voice their approval of hosting us in their little paradise. So, how do you actually move to Ireland as a U.S. citizen? Let’s break it down:

Step 1: Visit Ireland to make sure you like it. (Spoiler alert: You will.)

Step 2: Find a job in Ireland.

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If you aren’t a student or a traveling musical pop star sensation, then it’s easiest to enter Ireland when you already have a job. For casual work, the Citizens Information Board recommends looking for advertisements in shop windows or Irish newspapers. Most professional industries, on the other hand, have locally-based associations that can point you toward openings. No matter what kind of job you find, you’ll need an Employment Permit.

Step 3: Get an Employment Permit.

Many types of jobs require a General Employment Permit, which is valid for two years with an option to renew for an additional three years. To get this permit, you must have a job offer from a registered Irish employer. It can get tricky, because some jobs will require your employer to meet a Labour Market Needs Test to show that the position could not be filled by a person within the European Economic Area. The General Permit costs about $1,100 if you’re looking to stay for at least two years, but if Trump’s in charge, it just may be worth it.

Certain specialized workers, like medical practitioners and food scientists, can quality for a Critical Skills Employment Permit. This permit is even better than the General one because you won’t need to pass the Labour Market Test, and you’ll eventually be eligible to apply to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service sooner.

Some jobs aren’t eligible for employment permit at all. These include hotel managers, police officers and fitness instructors. (Sorry, prospective Irish fitness instructors.)

Step 4: Choose between all of Ireland’s perfect places to live.

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Will it be the craggy and magical Cliffs of Moher? Or the storied County Cork with its famous Blarney Stone? Perhaps somewhere in the Ring of Kerry among the cuddly sheep population is more your style. One thing’s for sure: The only walls you’ll see around here are around ancient castles.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Ireland is home to some incredible beer, some incredible people and ― most of all ― a totally Trump-free atmosphere. Cheers to THAT!

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