Video Of Introvert Dogs Hanging Out Proves They’re Just As Awkward As Humans

The gathering in a park, which was organized by a dog psychologist for shy pups, is a real howl.
A dog that would maybe, kinda, sorta like a one-on-one, two-minute conversation with you.
A dog that would maybe, kinda, sorta like a one-on-one, two-minute conversation with you.
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An introverted dog meetup ended up looking a lot like an office holiday party.

And the whole adorably awkward moment was captured on video:

A group of Swedish pet owners brought their shy pups to a gathering at a park, an owner named Sofia Rosten explained on an Instagram account she made for her rescue dog, Qila.

A dog psychologist put together the event, Rosten said. Presumably, the meetup was intended to help the owners’ shy — or “calm,” as Rosten described Qila to CNN — pets socialize with other like-minded pooches.

Rosten explained that the meetup lasted about an hour and that the dogs actually had a pretty good time at first. But much like us humans, they got a little overwhelmed by all the socializing and body-sniffing by the end, and things began to get adorably awkward.

So much so that Rosten decided to record the gathering and post the hilarious footage on her dog’s account.

“This was almost at the end of the meeting and we all thought it looked so funny so I recorded it,” Rosten wrote on Instagram.

When she posted the video on TikTok, it got over 3.9 million likes.

People on TikTok absolutely loved the video.

“This is my coffee break at IT department,” one commenter wrote.

“Dogs thinking: This could have been an email,” wrote another.

In the video that Rosten posted to Instagram, she perfectly sums up the dogs’ visible discomfort over making any kind of eye contact with each other.

“It’s like a pasture of cows,” she wrote in overlaying text in the video.


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As for Qila, she may be a bit uncomfortable with other four-legged furballs but seems to be pretty outgoing around her humans.

In another video on the dog’s TikTok account, she appears to be what Rosten describes as a “professional attention seeker.”

So Qila may have been trying to catch flies instead of another dog’s frisbee at the end of the introvert gathering, but she still deserves a belly rub for at least trying.

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