Ivanka Trump Granted 'Internet Freedom Award,' Twitter Critics Gobsmacked

"From the administration that killed net neutrality," one commenter noted.

Ivanka Trump, an adviser in an administration that killed net neutrality and the supportive daughter of a president who slams journalists on the internet and threatens to use social media to spy on disabled people, was awarded the 2019 Internet Freedom Award this week.

The first daughter touted her win on Twitter on Wednesday and retweeted others congratulating her as well.

The Internet Association, an industry lobbyist group representing companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, said it presented Trump with the award for her “extraordinary contributions to public policy and the internet economy,” related to her support for computer science education.

Some Internet Association members actually lobbied against the 2017 decision by the Trump administration’s Federal Communications Commission to repeal U.S. net neutrality protections, which had required internet service providers to treat all content equally. Net neutrality advocates warned that without those protections, it’s easier to block or slow certain content or charge consumers higher prices for broad, equitable access to information.

Twitter wits found the situation ironic.

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