Jackie Evancho’s Inauguration Performance Was Uneventful, But People Still Had Opinions

The 16-year-old received some backlash after agreeing to sing the national anthem on Friday.

Despite a lot of pushback about her decision to perform, singer Jackie Evancho sang the national anthem at President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday afternoon.

The performance was met with celebratory messages, as well as criticisms.

The 16-year-old runner-up of
 Season 5 claimed her decision to perform had nothing to do with politics and that she doesn’t “really pay much attention to politics to begin with.”

This is particularly notable because Evancho’s sister, Juliet, identifies as transgender and is one of three trans students suing a Pennsylvania school district over their right to use restrooms that best correspond with their gender identity.

Perhaps with President Trump taking office, Jackie Evancho will become more politically inclined. Time will tell.



Jackie Evancho