Jane Curtin: 'My New Year's Resolution Is To Make Sure The Republican Party Dies'

The "SNL" alum quipped about her 2019 resolution on CNN, and Twitter had a lot to say about it.

Actress and comedian Jane Curtin said on CNN that her resolution for the new year is to “make sure the Republican Party dies,” and people on Twitter had a lot to say about it.

During the cable network’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast, celebrities shared their 2019 resolutions. Terrence Howard said he hoped to “break down the entire economic global infrastructure” while Lena Dunham said she’d like “to kiss more gay men on the lips consensually.”

Curtin, in a now-viral clip, quipped about her desire for the demise of the GOP.

Naturally, the clip popped up all over Twitter with people from both sides of the aisle offering their opinions on the words of the “Saturday Night Live” alum.

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