Jason Momoa Gives Jimmy Kimmel Exactly What He Asked For With Mid-Interview Strip

The "Aquaman" star got extremely cheeky just inches from the talk show host's face.

Ask and you shall receive, Jimmy Kimmel.

Before Jason Momoa stripped down in front of the talk show host mid-interview (more on that later), he was already wearing an outfit to remember: bright purple silk pajamas and a pink velvet coat.

The ensemble is apparently the costume the actor wears in his new Netflix film “Slumberland,” but Kimmel was far more interested in the traditional Hawaiian malo Momoa sported on a recent fishing trip.

The “Aquaman” star explained that he’s been wearing the garment while shooting “Chief of War,” an upcoming Apple TV+ limited series set in the 18th century about the unification and colonization of Hawaii.

“That’s what I wear every day,” Momoa explained. “I was just getting ready for the role and I like to get into character and so I was tanning my white ass.”

The host then began peppering the star with questions: “And that’s comfortable? So you’ll wear this to the supermarket? Would you shop in this? Let’s say you went to the movies, would you wear this to the movies?”

Momoa happily obliged Kimmel’s inquiries, but chose to show rather than tell when the comedian asked whether he was “wearing this under your clothes right now.”

“Of course,” Momoa replied, before standing up and fully disrobing to reveal the butt-baring outfit mere inches away from Kimmel’s face.


After giving the host quite the view (and even a little jiggle), he quickly put his clothes back on to carry on with the rest of the interview.

But Kimmel clearly needed a moment, joking, “Let me tell you, I never felt more like Danny DeVito than I do right now.”

Momoa, for one, explained that the malo is so comfortable that he far prefers it to his regular outfits.

“I actually don’t even like wearing clothes anymore,” he said. “I’m in it every day. I wear it all the time.”

Based on the cheers coming from the audience, there are clearly no complaints.

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