Rudy Giuliani Tries To Convince Jeanine Pirro That Top Court Can Jettison Impeachment

He called the impeachment, an action written into the Constitution, unconstitutional.

In a meandering, convoluted interview late Saturday, Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani insisted the Supreme Court can dismiss the president’s impeachment.

He called the action unconstitutional, even though impeachment is written into the Constitution.

Claiming that the abuse of power and the “ridiculous” obstruction of Congress impeachment articles against Trump are essentially fabricated, Giuliani told Jeanine Pirro on Fox News that the “remedy” is to go before the Supreme Court and have the impeachment “declared unconstitutional.”

The rules are “set by the Senate,” Giuliani explained. “Then the chief justice interprets the rules. The chief justice will be given the power to dismiss.”

Yet, he also acknowledged that “there’s nothing in the Constitution that would allow the Supreme Court” to do that. Pirro appeared mystified and repeatedly pressed Giuliani to focus.

In yet another breath, Giuliani said the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate would be good for Trump because he’ll be acquitted.

“I can even argue that politically it would be better to go to trial!” he said. “They’ll find out about [Joe] Biden, they’ll find out what a big crook Biden is.” Giuliani has yet to detail any incidents of illegal or unethical behavior by Biden — nor has he provided any substantiation for his accusations.

Trump later tweeted Giuliani’s clip, writing, “Thank you Rudy!”

Giuliani tweeted earlier this week that the Supreme Court “should” declare the impeachment unconstitutional. His arguments were dismissed by legal experts.

Check out the way Giuliani’s mind works in the video up top.

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