Jimmy Kimmel And Jennifer Aniston Team Up To Prank Justin Theroux


There’s criminally underrated TV, and then there’s HBO’s “The Leftovers.”

The apocalyptic drama starring Justin Theroux is currently in its third and final season, and despite never being recognized at the major awards shows, it delivers Emmy-worthy moments every week. 

Apparently, it’s also Jimmy Kimmel’s favorite TV show, and one he’d like to see honored at the television awards ceremony in September. When Theroux stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday, the late-night host showed his appreciation with a good, old-fashioned pranking. And he didn’t do it alone. 

As he told Theroux on set, Kimmel commandeered the keys to the actor’s car with the help of his wife, Jennifer Aniston, while Theroux was in Texas for a friend’s bachelor party. Before the actor left on vacation, he received a recall notice for his vehicle, which was actually just the first step in Kimmel’s plan to essentially “pimp” Theroux’s ride, “Leftovers” style, just as Emmys campaigns are kicking into high gear.

“I know you’re nervous, but I don’t want you to be nervous,” Kimmel began, “because this is going to be funny.”

”There was nothing wrong with the car,” the host revealed. “While you were gone, we got the keys to your car. It was not being repaired. There’s nothing wrong with the drive shaft. What we did was — because I feel like HBO could be doing a better job of promoting this for you — we had some experts adorn your car in a way that I think is going to bring you a lot of attention.”

Never give @jimmykimmel the keys to your car. #humbledouched #doucheybrag #thanks?

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While the actor was out of town, Kimmel hired a crew to cover the car in various cheesy campaign slogans like “For Your Theroux Consideration” and “Justin Time for the Emmy Nominations” alongside embarrassing photos of Theroux from the show. Nothing compares however to the hood, which features a shirtless paparazzi shot of the actor with the words “I’d Eat These Leftovers” painted across it. 

Kimmel explained how his “Leftovers” enthusiasm built over time. “I would say the first season of the show was a good show. The second season, it became a great show. And now in the third season, it’s an unbelievably great show,” he told Theroux. “I want to help with this, because I feel like it’s just one of these shows that people need to catch up to — start and watch and enjoy the whole thing.”

Emmys, what’s good? 



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