Joaquin Phoenix's Joker In Full Makeup Is One Disturbing Clown

Todd Phillips' origin film about Batman's archnemesis puts on a twisted happy face.

Now The Joker is ready for his close-up.

Director Todd Phillips posted a screen test recently of Joaquin Phoenix morphing into Batman’s nemesis in full makeup for the upcoming movie about the clown prince of crime.

At first, Phoenix appears in his pre-villain form as failed comic Arthur. Arthur then smiles and the flickering image of The Joker overtakes him to the tune of The Guess Who song “Laughing.”

Get a load of him:

Phillips teased the film earlier last week by posting a pre-makeup picture of a scowling Phoenix as “Arthur,” apparently confirming reports that the character’s real name would be Arthur Fleck.

Footage also leaked of Phoenix’s Arthur knocking the nose off a clown in an alley.

An Oct. 4, 2019, release is planned for The Joker origin film.

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