John Oliver Basically Auditioned To Host The Emmys At The Emmys

"This isn't so much a category as it is an elaborate way to exclude 'Jeopardy' from winning yet another Emmy."

Ladies and gentlemen, your new host ...

John Oliver presented the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie or a Dramatic Special on Sunday night, which doesn't sound too exciting until you actually watch it.

Oliver basically used his time to call out "Jeopardy" and Alex Trebek. (As if the recent Turd Ferguson incident wasn't enough.) The "Last Week Tonight" host explained how every series is a limited series, except for "Jeopardy":

The sun could burn out, humanity could flee to another galaxy, time as we know it could cease to exist but Alex Trebek will still be there scolding librarians from Ames, Iowa, to answer in the form of a question and passive aggressively insulting their hobbies.

What is ... the biggest burn of the night?

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