John Oliver Skewers 'Dangerously Goofy Goofs' Trump Picked For The Federal Reserve

Why would the president choose such terrible appointees? Trump wants people who “will do exactly what he tells them to do,” Oliver said.

President Donald Trump has pulled some startling stunts in his day, but nothing compares to the pair of “dangerously goofy goofs” that he has picked for the Federal Reserve Board, John Oliver said on Sunday.

“You don’t fuck around with the Fed,” Oliver warned on “Last Week Tonight.”

Oliver called Trump’s picks for the Fed — Stephen Moore and Herman Cain — “just bonkers.”

Even setting aside their crackpot monetary ideas, “these two guys are just goofs,” Oliver said. “They’re just a pair of dangerously goofy goofs. And this isn’t actually a job where that’s okay.”

Moore’s major claim to economic infamy occurred in Kansas, where he helped orchestrate a massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy that nearly bankrupted the state. He also owes the Internal Revenue Service $75,000 and was held in contempt of court in 2013 for skipping out on $330,000 in child support and alimony payments.

Cain is a former pizza chain magnate who served on the board of Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas and dropped out of the race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination when four women accused him of sexual misconduct. 

None of that matters to Trump, however, who merely wants people who “will do exactly what he tells them to do,” Oliver said.

Watch the full takedown in the video above.