Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Obsessed With Shirtless Putin

Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Are Putin-Obsessed

Jon Stewart is starting to think that Fox News pundits are a little too obsessed with Russian Vladimir Putin's naked chest.

The "Daily Show" host exposed the conservative media for what they really are Thursday night: shirtless-Putin lovers. He was baffled that whenever Fox News describes Putin, very often the contributors seem to focus on his tendency to go shirtless, wrestle bears and drill oil, while they slam President Barack Obama for wearing "mom jeans."

"What a great talking point that mom jeans thing turned out to be,” Stewart said. "By tomorrow it will be, 'Putin once smacked the teeth out of a great white shark and made it blow him while Barack Obama just sat there wistfully wearing Capri pants and a baby bonnet."

Stewart called out one pundit in particular who compared Putin to his mother during an interview, and another who stated that "Russia has a real leader."

"The weirdest thing about this isn't Putin invading Ukraine--you expect a crazy guy to act crazy," Stewart said. "The weirdest thing is seeing conservatives in our country point at the crazy guy and go 'I'll have what they're having.'"

Watch the video for the full clip on "The Daily Show."

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