Jon Stewart Bashes Conservatives For Ignoring Pre-Obama Terror Attacks (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart skewered Obama's national security critics last night for dismissing the terror attacks that happened under Bush while coming down on the current president for his defense record. Both Rudy Giuliani and Dana Perino have recently stated that there were no domestic terror attacks under Bush, omitting not only 9/11, but the anthrax attacks and the attempted shoe bomber attack.

Giuliani made these remarks on "Good Morning America," playing what Stewart has dubbed "terror ball." He claimed the score is now Bush -0 Obama -1 and noted that the rules of terror ball dictate the winner has the lowest score. He showed clips of both Monica Crowley and Bill O'Reilly getting in on "the game," rationalizing pre-Obama terror attacks and excoriating Obama for the ones during his presidency.

John Oliver came out to explain the complicated rules, finally admitting that terrorist attacks only count when they happen under a Democrat because we all know Republicans are better at national security.