Jon Stewart Rips Rick Perry Debate Oops: 'Romney Wins, We're Calling It Tonight' (VIDEO)

It's no surprise that the topic of discussion on Thursday night's "Daily Show" was Wednesday night's CNBC debate in Michigan -- specifically, Rick Perry's astonishing gaffe.

"Romney wins! We're calling it tonight," is how Jon Stewart read Perry's debate performance, which started with a "brain turd" and ended with an unbearable "Oops." Although, that's not quite the four letter word Stewart would have gone with.

Before Stewart got to the comedy meat on the bone that was Perry's gaffe, he took the time to back up his prediction that Romney would win by looking at how all the other candidates performed. Between Herman Cain calling Nancy Pelosi a "princess," Newt Gingrich's less than pleasant demeanor, Bachmann's recent irrelevance and Ron Paul's quirks, the only contenders left to beat Mitt Romney are two guys who Stewart compared to the lesser Baldwin brothers.

To sum it all up, It's looking good for Romney. And no one is more responsible for making Romney look better than Perry's minute-long stammer fest on live TV after trying to name three government agencies. Before ripping into it, Stewart took a moment to acknowledge just how spectacular it really was:

"A comedian can spend his whole life digging through the comedy mines for sound bites he can use to sustain his family," Stewart said. "And then Rick Perry gives you 53 seconds that can change a man's life."

Where does Stewart even begin? Perry's fellow candidates attempting to help/confuse him? The look on Perry's face when he realizes he's not going to remember? Watch the clip above (or on "The Daily Show" website) to see which part of it inspired Stewart the most.