The $400 Juicero Juicer Is The Funniest Silicon Valley Fail In Forever

"So Juicero is just Caprisun for yuppies."

Silicon Valley’s latest investor darling, a $400 juice machine, does essentially the same thing as human hands, Bloomberg reports ― and Twitter users are squeezing the situation for every drop of sarcasm it’s worth.

Juicero is a juicing machine and service that secured about $120 million in funding from the likes of Google and other venture capitalists before it rolled out to 17 states on April 18. The pricey machine is built to squeeze the subscription-only Juicero bags of chopped fruit and veggies, which it reportedly “cold-presses” using four tons of force. Some have called the machine a Keurig for juice, and none other than Ivanka Trump showed her support for the brand last year:

But there’s one teeny problem with all this hype: It turns out you don’t need the machine to make the juice. Bloomberg reports that recently, “some investors were surprised to discover a much cheaper alternative: You can squeeze the Juicero bags with your bare hands.” Hand-squeezing the bags for 90 seconds, they found, rendered almost as much juice as using the $400 machine for two minutes.

Naturally, Twitter just can’t take the fail.

It is worth noting that making juice with cold-press machines does retain more of the fruit and vegetables’ nutrients than cheaper methods like squeezing produce by hand or using a traditional juicer. An actual cold-press juicer may be worthwhile if you’re looking to maximize every drop.

Then again, eating a piece of fruit is pretty healthy, too.

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