Kerry Washington Announces She’s Directing An ‘Insecure’ Episode In The Best Way Possible

The "Scandal" actor dropped a freestyle for Twitter that would make Issa Rae proud.

Kerry Washington is heading to the HBO series “Insecure,” and she has a few verses to prove it.

The “Scandal” actor announced on Twitter Tuesday that she’s directing an upcoming episode of “Insecure” with a hilarious video and a rap. The highly-anticipated fourth season of the HBO series, created by Issa Rae, is slated to premiere next year.

“You are the next director of ‘Insecure,’” Washington says to herself in the video as she stares at the camera.

Later in the clip, Washington breaks out into a “Insecure”-themed freestyle: “Here we go, I’m about to direct “Insecure” on HBO / It’s not a scandal / I’m about to handle it / Because this cast is fire and the show is mine.”

Rae then appears in the video and jokingly accuses Washington of talking to herself in a mirror – something Rae’s “Insecure” character does frequently: “You’ve been talking in your mirror bitch, weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Washington responds as the two break out in laughter.

Washington is directing the ninth episode of “Insecure,” but this isn’t her first time at the helm of a show.

The “American Son” actor and executive producer directed one of the final episodes of “Scandal,” which aired its final season last year.

Washington told the Los Angeles Times at the time she was “really honored” that “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes asked her to direct.

Rhimes celebrated Washington’s video on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Thank you for encouraging me to direct at #Scandal,” Washington responded.

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