"Lewd Larry" Craig Caption Contest - You Vote On The Finalists!

Well the "Lewd Larry" Craig Photo Caption Contest confirms the fabulous wit of the HuffPo readers. Nothing like a fresh dose of conservative hypocrisy to bring out some sharp and well-deserved barbs!

We have whittled down the entries and have 20 for you to choose from. (Incidentally - a couple of readers were pretty prolific - and have more than one entry in the finals.)

Now it's your turn to vote.

Look at all 20 finalists and let us know which entry you think is the very best.

Simply tell us the entry number of your favorite.

The creator of the winning entry gets an all-expenses trip to Minneapolis International Airport... (Just kidding!)

So here we go. Voting closes on Monday September 3rd - at 11.30pm Pacific.

Election Monitors: Larry Craig • Mark Foley • Ted Haggard

Here is the photo again: (Courtesy of Senator Larry Craig's website)


Entry #1

Dick: "Lynn and I would like to present you with a bottle of your favorite scent: Eau de toilet."

Submitted by: ContraEgoiste

Entry #2

Larry: "DICK....I'm a big fan..."

Submitted by: Qbear

Entry #3

Larry: "Hang all Gays! (in my bedroom closet!)"

Submitted by: BARRISTER

Entry #4

Larry: "I can't say that I've ever liked Bush, but I've loved Dick my whole life!"

Submitted by: LiarLiarIraqsOnFire

Entry #5

Larry: "Hi Dick, heard you would love to discuss my "stance" (wink wink) on homosexuality."

Submitted by: ContraEgoiste

Entry #6

Dick: "Tap that foot one more time TROLL, and I'll shoot your face off..."

Submitted by: Qbear

Entry #7

Dick: "Fuck you"
Larry: "Thank you but this is no time for romance..."

Submitted by: larry278

Entry #8

Dick: "Yo, Lewd Larry. Is that a pencil in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?...

Submitted by: Rescisco

Entry #9

Larry: "Hey Dick...if she wasn't here I'd show you what I was doing with my other hand!"

Submitted by: gwage

Entry #10

Larry: "Hi Dick, have I told you how much I looove your name."

Submitted by: ContraEgoiste

Entry #11

Larry: "Dick's my favorite Vice"

Submitted by: Qbear

Entry #12

Larry: "Like so many Americans, I'm really curious about your undisclosed location."

Submitted by: frankdwyer

Entry #13

Dick: "I'll be at my secret location at 1300 hours, Larry. I'll leave the stall door open..."

Submitted by: Desiderata

Entry #14

Dick: "You're not getting THIS Dick in your mouth, Lare!"

Submitted by: Cranbot

Entry #15

Dick: "Larry, could you turn around and show me that wide stance?"

Submitted by: wldnswmmr

Entry #16

Larry: "See Dick; this is how you do it; you reach under the stall; and grab his schlong like this! And Hey...I got me a Dick!"

Submitted by: editor

Entry #17

Dick: "Larry, why is your foot tapping on mine?"

Submitted by: juan2kmo

Entry #18

Larry: "Why thank you DICK! May I call you DICK?"

Submitted by: mommadona

Entry #19

Larry: "Why Dick, you can 'shoot' me in the face anytime!"

Submitted by: ContraEgoiste

Entry #20

Larry: "You had me with ....DICK."

Submitted by: Qbear


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