10 Words You Should Remove From Your Resume Right Now

Are you a "creative" and "effective" job candidate? News flash: you're also "predictable," like a lot of other applicants using these same buzzwords.

LinkedIn released their annual list of the most overused buzzwords on their 187 million profile pages this week, with "creative" taking the dubious honor for the second year in a row.

Words commonly used on LinkedIn are also likely to appear on resumes, meaning the list outlines the buzzwords you should be avoiding when formatting and writing your own resume. LinkedIn's top 10 repetitive words for the profiles of U.S. professionals were as follows (with some helpful translations):

1. Creative
2. Organizational
3. Effective
4. Motivated
5. Extensive experience
6. Track record
7. Innovative
8. Responsible
9. Analytical
10. Problem solving (One of this guy's big character traits)

The lack of creativity in using the word "creative" to describe qualifications isn't confined to the U.S. -- it was also the most overused buzzword in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, and the Netherlands. New words like "responsible" and "analytical" replaced popular buzzwords from last year such as "communication skills" and "dynamic."

Still, removing the unoriginal buzzword entirely can be difficult. "These words and phrases are often code words to gain acceptance into a group," said The Wall Street Journal's Leslie Kwoh. "As a result, we’re constantly making up new buzzwords – even if they tend to sound vague and nondescript. We’re looking at you, 'synergy,' 'optimization,' 'leverage,' 'pivot' and 'innovation.'"

Separate from pure semantics there's plenty of other ways to make your resume stand out. For one, applying to jobs as soon as they're posted -- a tactic which can sometimes result in the early bird getting the worm. Other resourceful candidates have taken to creating video resumes or emphasizing their quirky, personal accomplishments.

Generic buzzwords are bad and all, but at least you're not listing "Marijuana Dealer and Nefarious Dude" as a title.

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