Louise 'Let Them Eat Cake' Linton Literally Once Played Marie Antoinette

Which suddenly seemed on point after the treasury secretary's wife went on a poor-shaming rant Monday.

Louise Linton’s “let them eat cake” moment just got some extra frosting. Turns out the actress ― and wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ― has actually played the part of Marie Antoinette:

Here’s the backstory:

On Monday, Linton posted a poor-shaming rant on Instagram in the comments next to a photo of herself stepping off a U.S. government plane. She was wearing a host of designer names that she’d helpfully identified in the photo caption.

Mnuchin is also in the picture, caught in an awkward moment descending the stairs behind her.

Louise Linton/Instagram

The comment quickly went viral as Linton’s “let them eat cake” post ― a reference to Marie Antoinette, who, legend has it, uttered the line in reaction to stories of French peasants, unable to find bread, starving to death in the streets.

That makes Tuesday’s revelation that Linton once appeared as Marie Antoinette all the more fitting.

Linton took on the role in a 2007 episode of “CSI: New York,” titled “A Daze of Wine and Roaches.” Or, more accurately, she played a French tutor named Simone DeLille who herself dressed as Marie Antoinette at a charity event. DeLille/Marie Antoinette dies in a not-so-mock guillotine execution.

Watch Linton’s brief royal performance here:

Linton apologized for her Instagram comments in a statement to CNN on Tuesday.

“I apologize for my post on social media yesterday as well as my response,” she said. “It was inappropriate and highly insensitive.”