"You're not alone."

TV shows are sometimes best when they make history come alive. However, some think “The Man in the High Castle” may be taking that phrase too literally.

The series, based on the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, tells an alternate history story about what would’ve happened if the Axis powers had won World War II. The United States is split between the Nazis and the Japanese, and millions live every day under the rule of fascism.

Following the recent presidential election, the show has become a bit too real for some.

Hate incidents are reportedly up since the election. Are these comparisons to “The Man in the High Castle” valid, or is it a vast overreaction?

In a recent Build Series interview, The Huffington Post asked the cast of “Man in the High Castle” for their thoughts on the comparisons and the relevance of the show today.

Alexa Davalos, who plays Juliana Crain on the show, told us, “When Philip K. Dick wrote the book, 1962, fascism, and all the rest, was obviously very prevalent then. And unfortunately, as human beings, we don’t seem to move on. We don’t seem to learn fast enough, and so history repeats itself. I think the show’s relevant now. It was relevant then, topically, and I think sadly it will be indefinitely.”

The actress said that a major reason the show sticks is it presents the question, “What if?”

“I think we all do it in our lives: ‘What if I hadn’t met him? What if I hadn’t left the house then? What if I had been on that plane?’ All those things. That’s a human question that’s intrinsically fascinating to us,” said Davalos.

Her co-star Brennan Brown, who plays Robert Childan, later added that he wants people to get a sense of comfort from the show.

“I think all of us look at the world ― particularly right now, particularly with the way things are currently playing out in this culture ― and we think, ‘Is this real? This can’t be real? Is this really happening? What happened to make this happen? How did this ever get to this place?’ And I think what Philip K. Dick is saying with the book and what we’re trying to say with the show is if someone feels that way, you’re not alone,” said Brown.

“The Man in the High Castle” Season 2 is now on Amazon Prime.

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