Marjorie Taylor Greene's Attack On Trump Judge Fails Because Of 1 Word

The Georgia congresswoman demanded that Judge Arthur Engoron be "disrobed" for the way he handled the former president's civil fraud trial.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) latest attempt to attack someone she sees as critical of fearless leader Donald Trump failed miserably ― and all because of one little word.

On Thursday, the controversial member of Congress took to X, formerly Twitter, to chastise Judge Arthur Engoron for the way he managed the former president’s recent civil fraud trial.

Spoiler alert — Greene saw red at the judgment in the trial, especially because of the valuation given to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort:

Judge Engeron should be disrobed and thrown out, he’s a disgrace!! Mar-a-lago in 1981 was only a home, today it is one of the most exclusive social clubs in the world. Mar-a-lago is worth more now than the ridiculous judgement he ruled against Pres Trump!

Sadly, any point that Greene may have thought she was making was thoroughly destroyed because of the word “disrobed,” which refers to the removal of clothing.

Raw Story charitably noted that Greene may have meant to say “disbarred,” a term for expelling someone from the legal profession, or “defrocked,” a word for revoking the rank of someone in the clergy.

But considering that Greene has made verbal blunders in the past ― including pronouncing “indictable” as “in-dick-table” and referring to the “gazpacho police” ― many people on social media weren’t inclined to assume that she actually knew the word she was attempting to say.

Instead, she was brutally mocked.

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