Martha Stewart Saucily Critiqued Chelsea Handler's Re-creation Of Her Pool Selfie

The 78-year-old praised the comedian's beauty but also said, "I do think my pool is a little bit prettier than yours."

Chelsea Handler re-created a pool selfie from Martha Stewart and the cooking queen offered a biting yet playful critique.

Earlier this week, Stewart shared a snapshot of herself on Instagram with her musings on when she built her pool. The glamorous shot shows Stewart pouting her lips with the blue water as her backdrop.

Not long after, Handler took to her own pool to copy the look Stewart perfected.

“I’m here to take @marthastewart48’s swimming lesson. If I look this good at 78 I better still have a pool to show myself off in,” the comedian wrote.

Not missing a beat, Stewart commented on Handler’s post with a letter of sorts.

“Dear Chelsea I’m so happy that you liked my post well enough to emulate it,” began Stewart, before digging her nails in just a bit: “I do think my pool is a little bit prettier than yours and that my facial expression is a little bit more relaxed. Nevertheless you are a beautiful girl and FUCKING too young to be emulating me. Continue with your comedy, your humor, and your amazing ability to gather around your political liberals. We need it! Love Martha.”


OK, Martha!!! Go off, girl.

In fairness to Chandler, Stewart is an Instagram selfie pro. Last year, she admitted to discovering face-editing apps and gushed about how “fun” they are to use. So, while she does look fantastic at 78, there are sometimes other powers at play on her social media pages.

“Just subscribed to #face app which takes your photo and ‘cleans it up’ as a great photographer would do for an advertising campaign or beauty cover,” she wrote on a post in March 2019. “It’s FUN, too.”

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