Meghan Markle Laughs To Tears At Tongan Choir's Mosquito Song

The choir's buzzing noises made the Duchess of Sussex lose it in the best way.

The Duchess of Sussex sported her sense of humor once again on her last day in Tonga Friday.

A choir from the secondary school Tupou College regaled Duchess Meghan, formerly Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry with a lively anti-mosquito song, complete with buzzing noises, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Meghan can be seen laughing and dabbing her eyes in delight, as she and her husband were clearly entertained by the spectacle.

Concerns about the mosquito-borne zika virus have been raised on the couple’s royal tour. The pregnant duchess and Harry have visited Fiji and Tonga, where zika has been found.

But in this moment, a song about mosquitos generated some welcome fun.

The number was part of a ceremony to dedicate two forest reserves at the school, the ABC noted.

The royal couple later had minor drama on their flight back to Australia. The pilot aborted landing because of a plane below that unexpectedly occupied the runway. They landed safely after a “go-round.”

Meghan’s lighthearted side also emerged earlier on the trip, when she was startled by an explosion to start a mini-race car event at a student exhibition in Melbourne. “I did not expect that!” she said with a laugh.

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