Michael Moore: Big Problem 'If Wall Street Already Has Their Man And His Name Is Barack Obama' (VIDEO)

Michael Moore gave a dark warning to Piers Morgan on Wednesday night, when the documentary filmmaker and advocate appeared on his CNN show.

Moore and Morgan were discussing the remaining seven GOP candidates, who Moore described as "a crazy bunch." Moore said that at this point in the election, he thought that Wall Street and corporate American would have "paid" and "come up with" a candidate who represented their interests and was able to "pull independents and Democrats and beat Obama."

When Morgan asked if there was a theory to explain why, according to Moore, no such candidate has emerged, Moore referred to a Washington Post article that reported Obama had received more campaign contributions from the financial and banking industry than any other candidate at that time.

Morgan interjected after Moore's description of the Washington Post article and said that it seemed as though Wall Street had found its candidate. Moore warned that if it were true that "Wall Street already has their man and his name is Barack Obama, we've got a much bigger problem." Moore then wondered why Obama would accept campaign funds from Wall Street and worried about what those campaign funders might expect from the President if he were elected to a second term.

Moore has been a frequent guest on Piers Morgan's show in recent months as an outspoken advocate of the Occupy movement. In October, Morgan hosted a town hall with Moore and a live studio audience, centered around the "99 percent's" economic challenges.