5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Netflix Binge

It's about to go DOWN.

One hour, two hours, three hours... WHOA, was that the whole season of OITNB?!

Never let a Netflix binge catch you off-guard -- it'll only result in strained necks and sweaty pillows. Rather, prepare your home before you start watching, and trick it out for maximum comfort in the ultimate show-slaying environment.

We consulted Hollywood set decorator Amy Wells -- who has worked on "Mad Men" and "Scandal" -- about the best way to prep your house for a Netflix binge. The decorator, who has teamed up with HomeGoods, has a few key suggestions:

1. Find a footrest that ISN'T the coffee table.

"Make sure you have a coffee table that you can eat off of," Wells advises, because clean snacking surfaces are obviously important. Instead of resting your feet on the same table you eat off of, invest in a classy ottoman... or DIY that situation.

2. Add a swivel chair.

It'll give your room a modern spin while adding movement to what could otherwise turn into hours of motionless sitting. "A chair that twirls will loosen up the whole room," Wells says. "It's nice to move while watching and not be so static."

3. Stock up on down pillows. LOTS of them.

We're usually watching Netflix on our laptops, not our TV screens, Wells points out. Therefore, she keeps plenty of pillows on hand so she can easily swap from watching on the couch to the floor to the chair and back again. Down-filled pillows will conform to your body, while springy foam ones aren't as comfortable.

4. Keep lights low and easy to reach.

Dim lighting is ideal to make your screen pop. Wells recommends a table lamp that you can easily reach from your viewing station. "Adding a linen shade will give off a nice, soft light," she says.

5. Set up snack portals.

A healthy mini fridge stocked with homemade, portion-controlled treats will keep you from ordering bad-for-you takeout. Just beware of over-munching during those tense "House of Cards" moments.

And if you really want to optimize your rooms, just let Netflix do it for you:

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