Nicki Minaj Drops 'No Frauds' In Response To Remy Ma's 'shETHER'

Minaj fans are saying the song isn't a diss track, but a business move.

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma continues as Minaj has thrown the latest jab.

Her new song, “No Frauds,” featuring Lil Wayne and Drake, is said to be her response to Remy Ma’s obvious diss track “shETHER.” There’s been a lot of questioning as to when Minaj would finally respond to Remy Ma’s repeated attacks; after “shETHER,” she went for the one-two punch and dropped “Another One.”

At least one fan suggested the song was merely “a business move” in a tweet shared hundreds of times, but we think there’s no question that “No Frauds” is about Remy.

In the first verse alone, we have, “Tried to drop ‘Another One,’ you was itchin’ to scrap / You exposed your ghostwriter, now you wish you were scrapped.” Then, “Back to back, oh you mean, back to wack? ‘Back to Back’? Me and Drizzy laughed at that.”

You can listen to “No Frauds” on Apple Music while we wait to see what Remy’s follow-up will be.

For its part, Twitter was up in arms about the drop, which left a lot of people unimpressed with Minaj:

Diehard Nicki fans still came out for her, though:

Whether you’re Team Minaj or Team Remy, we can’t wait to see how this ends.

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