Nicolle Wallace Drops ‘Truth Bomb’ On Trump After Secret White House Memo Leaks

“Donald Trump doesn’t do much of anything as president.”

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said leaked White House scheduling memos reveal the truth about what President Donald Trump does all day.

“The truth bomb has been detonated,” Wallace said on Monday. “Donald Trump doesn’t do much of anything as president.”

The memos leaked to Axios showed that 60 percent of Trump’s workday since the midterms have been spent in “executive time,” or time he spends not in meetings or receiving briefings, but watching TV, making calls and using Twitter.

Wallace said the leak was “either the greatest act of insubordination in modern political history or the bravest act of a White House whistleblower.”

Axios’ Alexi McCammond, one of the journalists who broke the story, told Wallace that some of Trump’s “executive time” was actually spent in meetings, but was hidden on the schedule to keep it from others in the White House. For example, McCammon said a recent meeting with Herman Cain, who is reportedly under consideration for a Federal Reserve seat, occurred during scheduled “executive time.” Similarly, Trump had a phone call with Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last year that also took place during “executive time.”

Wallace called such actions “sinister.”

“Why wouldn’t he want people to know he’s on the phone with Erdogan?” she asked. “Is he hiding that from his own State Department and Pentagon?”

Wallace, who served as communications director in the White House of President George W. Bush, said she knows what a presidential schedule typically looks like.

“I saw them every night and every morning for more than four years,” she told McCammond. “And I’ve never seen anything like what you guys reported.”

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