Antiquated Or Integral? Ohio Students May Soon Have To Learn Cursive

Under a new curriculum, students would be required to master the craft by the end of elementary school.

Could cursive be making a comeback? 

Students in Ohio may be required to learn the craft after the state’s senate passed House Bill 58 last Thursday. 

The bill, according to local NBC affiliate WCMH-TV, would allocate resources to schools allowing for the development and implementation of a curriculum to teach cursive handwriting. 

While some question the relevance of the handwriting style in the age of the computer, students from more than 10 states are still required to learn cursive, with Alabama and Louisiana joining the list in 2016

Florida also made it part of the learning requirements for children in the third, fourth and fifth grades, The New York Times reported

The curriculum, which will be optional for Ohio schools to implement, would be aimed at children in kindergarten through to the fifth grade.

According to CBS, students would be required to print letters legibly by the third grade and write in cursive by the end of elementary school.