Oprah "Rejoicing," Already Bought Inauguration Dress

Update: Oprah had an Election Day special live show today, which opened with characteristic Oprah enthusiasm and a convention-like entrance while Daughtry played live in the background.

"I couldn't sleep last night!" Oprah said. "Been countin' down the days and it's finally hereeeeeee!"

Oprah also did something she's never done before: she told viewers to turn off the TV and go vote, if they hadn't done so already.


Original Post: Oprah Winfrey called into the Ed Lover show on New York's Power 105.1 FM Tuesday morning, where she encouraged listeners to vote and shared her excitement about the election. She is so confident that her candidate, Barack Obama, will win the election that she's already bought her gown for his inauguration! From

"When Barack wins this evening, it's a victory all of America - because black people and brown people and red people and yellow people all understand that he understands that all villages matter," she said. "That's what Colin Powell said when gave that beautiful endorsement of him. That is why I loved and supported him from the beginning."

Winfrey - who said she already bought her dress for Obama's inauguration -- said today "is a dating of rejoicing for me. It's a powerful thing we are going to do today, as a nation, with of our vote."

She plans to celebrate at Chicago's Grant Park tonight. Her pal Gayle King is even flying in.

Added Winfrey, "We want to be there that moment when Barack comes out ... and he is the new president of the United States."

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