O'Reilly Wants Proof That FoxNews Is Racist: Read Your Own Columns, Bill

Yesterday on his Radio Factor, Bill O'Reilly tried as hard as he could to come up with something that proved the case those dang smear sites were making. That the Fox News channel is racist. He even brought on the ever brilliant, albeit Fox News consultant, Prof. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a real live African-American, to try to help him.

Problem is, neither Bill nor Prof. Hill ever looked at the "Fox's Quarterback" (Bill's own egoless designation) himself.

In one of the most incendiary columns ever written, "Race And The Presidential Election," Bill O'Reilly sets the race-bait bar to record-breaking ... depths. Short of saying that Barack Obama wants to sleep with your pearly-white daughter, O'Reilly used just about every button meant to alarm his white fans to the fact that Barack Obama is BLACK and that just his running for, let alone becoming, president, could set off race-laced fireworks.

Of course Bill said this wasn't race-baiting as he was just reporting the facts (despite Prof. Dr. Hill's protestations that day), here were just a few comments from Bill's column ...

"Obama seems to be in. Now comes the hard part -- convincing Americans that he is the best choice for president without all hell breaking loose on the race front."

Since when does convincing Americans that a candidate is the best choice lead to "hell breaking loose," unless you want your reader to believe it can?

"Thanks partly to Reverend Wright's now immortal 'the USA of KKK' remark, the race factor has emerged big time in this election. If you don't believe me, just look at the vote in North Carolina and Indiana."

Reverend Wright, Reverend Wright, Reverend Wright. Remember, Bill's just reporting the facts, not READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE
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