Palin's Pitbull Lipstick Wearing Thin

"Erratic behavior."

That is the phrase both sides of the aisle in Juneau are using to describe Governor Palin as of late. For months, the wheels on the Straight Talk Express have been rattling, and now they are coming off. That may sound like a good thing to all the people who have been thrown under it, but for the state of Alaska, it's just dangerous. Whether we voted for the bus driver or not, we're passengers, and the cliffs are steep.

A senior member of the leadership staff made two copies of an Anchorage Daily News article last week. One was given to the legislator and the other to a member of Palin's staff. The article reported Sarah Palin's agreement to speak at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life dinner in Evansville, Indiana, on April 16th. It also stated her commitment to speak at a breakfast the next day for S.M.I.L.E., a nonprofit organization for people with family members who have Down syndrome.

This was NEWS to the legislator and RELEVANT, considering the governor would be missing in action for most of the last week of the session. The final week is certainly the busiest and most critical as the clock winds down to complete state business.

In any major company, the CEO doesn't storm up or down stairs, blaze into an office and confront aides or the secretaries of their employees. In the military, generals don't discipline privates. In government, it is unheard of. Last week Governor Palin marched into the office of the legislator and confronted the aide head on. WHAT?

The first problem: The aide was doing their job to keep their boss informed.

The second problem: The governor could have called "the boss" of the aide and made her grievance known.

The third problem: She's erratic and out of step with any sort of protocol or chain of command.

The fourth problem: The Republicans and Democrats in Juneau agree; it's URGENT and CRITICAL that the Governor be in Juneau for the final week of session-EVERY DAY COUNTS!

The fifth problem: SARAH LIES. A few weeks ago, she was famously unable to commit to a speak at the GOP's Senate-House Dinner event in June because of her "attention to state business."; Newt Gingrich got the gig. The legislature is on recess in June. But now, she's leaving Juneau during the final week of session to save the unborn babies at the expense of those already birthed!

Palin's personal pit bull, Meg Stapleton, said the governor will be taking a "36-hour vacation" to attend the events in Indiana. Meg is paid to lie and earns every dime.

Sarah Palin should resign from state government and campaign full time for 2012. The State of Alaska can no longer afford her.

"Impeach Palin" signs have just popped up in Anchorage...the wheels are coming off the bus.