PETA Compares Meat Eaters To Terrorists, Sociopaths

The animal rights group PETA is certainly known for its shocking ads, aggressive tactics and bountiful photos of naked ladies touting vegetarianism, pet adoption and animal birth control, but one of the latest posts on its blog still manages to push the envelope.

Blogger Logan Scherer writes a post about howGhulam Rasool Khan, who was arrested in India with suspected links to al Qaeda and the Taliban, insists on eating large quantities of meat rather than the vegetarian food served in prison. Scherer makes a highly dubious equation comparing eating meat with violence against humans.

Behold: a visit from Captain Obvious. As if the world needed another example of the proven link between violence against animals and violence against humans, Ghulam Rasool Khan--a suspected al-Qaida member jailed in India--refuses to eat the vegetarian food served to him, instead demanding "two kg of mutton and one kg of chicken daily."

Khan has threatened to go on a hunger strike if he doesn't get his carcasses. But if PETA India's recent request that all jails serve only vegetarian meals is honored, then the bloodthirsty terrorist will be starving himself indefinitely.

The "proven link" Scherer is referring to is a PETA post about how serial killers often torture animals before "graduating" to humans.

Is PETA suggesting that simply eating meat is the same sociopathic behavior as torturing small animals? Is there really a seamless link between wanting to eat meat and being actively engaged in terrorism? Ironically, PETA itself was recently classified as a terrorist threat by the USDA. Let us know what you think.