Rachel Maddow Says 'Every Single' Republican Must Answer This

The MSNBC anchor suggested why Donald Trump is ramping up the extremist rhetoric.

Rachel Maddow said Donald Trump is testing the GOP with his use of Nazi-esque rhetoric because it’s the only institution that can now hold him to account.

“That is him testing the political party that he says he’s going to lead” just “one year out from the election, to see what they will tolerate as an institution,” the MSNBC anchor explained Monday.

It means that “every single member of that party will now have to answer whether this is who they are, whether this is what they stand for, whether this is the cause of their party,” Maddow added.

Republican 2024 front-runner Trump and his allies have ramped up their extremist rhetoric in recent weeks with their reported plans to silence opponents and critics and carry out mass deportations if he wins back the White House.

“In real life,” Maddow noted, “a country under threat stands up for itself when the institutions that make up the civic and political life of the country stand up and say what they’re for and what they can no longer stand for.”

The GOP is the only one to do it now, she added.

See Maddow’s full analysis here:

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