Rachel Maddow: North Carolina Is Like 'Conservatives Gone Wild' Right Now

Rachel Maddow took North Carolina Republicans to task Wednesday for their attempts to push changes to election law that could discourage voters -- a situation she described as "conservatives gone wild."

On Tuesday night, North Carolina state legislators attempted to push through a measure that would drastically restrict abortion in the state by attaching it onto a bill meant to ban Sharia law, a move that drew fire from pro-choice activists.

Maddow drew attention to another development going down in the state: the counties whose voting practices were protected by the federal government until the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act may soon be subject to big changes.

"The Voting Rights Act had stopped Republicans from going ahead with voter I.D. before," she said. "Now they're going ahead with that," Maddow continued, "but even beyond voter I.D., which they say they want to prevent voter fraud, they say they're planning to end same-day voter registration in North Carolina and they're planning to end early voting in the state of North Carolina and they're planning to end Sunday voting in North Carolina. What does voting on Sunday have to do with voter fraud? Exactly nothing."

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