Rush Limbaugh: Joe Scarborough Acting Like "Neutered, Chickified Moderate"

Rush Limbaugh: Joe Scarborough Acting Like "Neutered, Chickified Moderate"


Rush Limbaugh hit back against Joe Scarborough Thursday over Scarborough's claims earlier this week that Limbaugh's joy over Chicago's Olympics failure isn't helpful to the Republican party.

Limbaugh said Scarborough was doing his "best impression of a neutered chickified moderate" when he spoke out against him.

"This can't be helpful for our political process for Limbaugh to be laughing with glee that Obama failed in Copenhagen," Limbaugh said breathlessly, imitating Scarborough.

"I guess Joe wants to sell another couple of books to go with the 1,000 he already sold by pitching it to Democrats and moderates."


Below, watch the clip from Monday's "Morning Joe," in which Scarborough makes the claim that Limbaugh isn't helping the Republican party by celebrating Chicago's failed Olympic bid.

"I would like Rush Limbaugh to tell me who is he helping there other than Rush Limbaugh," Scarborough said. "Because I will tell you, middle Americans, Rush is smarter than that. Middle Americans that swing elections see that, and go oh my God, Republicans have gone off the deep end."


UPDATE: Scarborough responded to Limbaugh Friday on "Morning Joe" (via Politico):

"I would be careful if I had put my testicles in a blind trust for George W. Bush for eight years," Scarborough said, adding that when Limbaugh visited the White House his testicles were in a suitcase.

"So now, I guess what you do to prove that you're a real conservative, because you weren't a real conservative over the past eight years, you call the president names," Scarborough said.


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